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    A guide to unmarried fathers rights in the UK

    When it comes to family law in the UK, unmarried fathers often find themselves in a complex legal landscape. Understanding your rights as an unmarried father is crucial in order to navigate issues such as custody, visitation, and parental responsibility. In this guide, we will explore the rights of unmarried fathers in the UK and provide valuable information to help you protect your rights and responsibilities. What are the rights of unmarried fathers in the UK? Unmarried fathers in the UK do not automatically have the same rights as married fathers. However, unmarried fathers can acquire parental responsibility in a…

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    Dealing with business disputes

    A business can face many types of disputes ranging from those that are interpersonal and involve employees, to those involving customers or vendors. Disputes between employers and employees must be handled in accordance with the law while disputes involving customers…

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    Mediation and separation

    There are many things to consider when you are going through a divorce or separating from your partner. One important thing to think about is mediation. Mediation can help you and your ex-partner come to an agreement about what happens…

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    Civic Mediation Explained

    Looking to resolve a conflict without going to court? Civic mediation (also known as civil mediation) may be a good option for you. In civic mediation, two or more parties come together with the help of a neutral third party…

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    How does arbitration compare to mediation?

    Mediation and arbitration are both dispute resolution processes that can be used to handle disagreements. Both mediation and arbitration involve meeting with a neutral third party who will help facilitate communication and negotiation between the parties involved. So, how does…